Michael Berth
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Eclectic composer and multimedia artist, in fact, his work on one side includes two musical languages. The preponderant one is still based on a "postmodern" matrix which, however, distances itself from the historical avant-garde (the setting of the Darmstadt school) and surpasses it. The other language moves rather in an esoteric direction. On the other side includes multimedia projects, which consist of both a musical and visual composition (large format Giclée print and partly video art), where the musical composition as well as the visual composition could exist, under certain circumstances, as an autonomous work in itself. Moreover, in such a view, the visual composition would also be comprehensible as the attempt of a "possible visual interpretation" of musical composition, just as, incidentally, in some cases the reverse constellation can not be ruled out.

…..for our goal was not only the East, or rather the East was not only a country and something geographical, but it was the home and youth of the soul, it was everywhere and nowhere, it was the union of all times.

Journey to the east by Hermann Hesse


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